Aardman, witches and fangirling: a sketch to screen sneak preview

Edna, The Rubbish Cart Witch - ©NattyIllustrations

Hi friends!

It’s been a while since my last post. What a strange year it has been for us all.

My latest blog is coming to you via Aardman Academy’s website.

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to take their awesome Sketch to Screen course on designing and making a stop motion animation puppet. It was taught by the wonderful Jim Parkyn and Nancy Jones, who have worked on films such as those in the Wallace and Gromit series and Chicken Run (*massive nerdy inner squeal*).

The blog will give you a short ‘what-to-expect’ rundown of the course, plus a sneak preview into the latest story I am writing - The Rubbish Cart Witch.

Hope you like the blog, and Edna!

Here’s the link: https://www.aardman.com/blog/aardman-academy-sketch-screen-model-making-what-expect/

Be safe, be kind, and have lots of socially distanced hugs from me x


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