By the wayside

In these strange and uncertain times, I've already found that building the website was the first thing to go. It's the same for a lot of people - it feels like a Twilight Zone version of Twixmas, eating your own body weight in snacks, wondering what day it is, barely surfacing for fresh air.

As a journalist focused on health, I can't remember when I was last so busy in work. And outside of work, it feels like I'm doing nothing but cook and clean.

I haven't felt so busy in my personal life and yet produced so few achievements in a long time. I don't think I've ever taken so many photos of the dog (one of which I have gratuitously used as the blog's photo).

It's a weird time for us all. And though we all have a lot of ideas about the projects we'd like to do now we have to stay in, in reality I wonder how many of us are actually doing them and how many of us 'can't get for going' as my grandparents would say.

It's not a bad thing to stop, do nothing, be bored. It's an important skill we've all forgotten.

But we all probably need a few projects in between to keep us going.

And so despite the fact I'm draining all of my brain power every day at work, followed by cooking, cleaning, my one state mandated dog walk a day and crashing out at the end of it (surely this was always how it was?!) I'm trying to push on and do some illustration.