Starting out

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Aged 32. I've become a writer (of sorts), lived in a Mediterranean country, found a partner in crime, travelled the world with him, and now we're back, living by the sea with a dog. I'm an incredibly lucky person. But like many of us, I'm still feeling lost.

So I'm getting back to the only thing I ever seem able to lose myself in - drawing. The thing that kept me quiet for hours as a child is the thing I still happily spend four hours on in the blink of an eye without feeling it was wasted. Funny that.

In an age where everything grapples for our attention, it's a real gift to have something which brings us peace. For me, it's putting a pencil/ pen/ paint brush/ battered sausage (you get the picture) to paper, or whatever surface I'm using that day.

If you're here, thanks for taking a look. I hope you find something that makes you smile.

And if you haven't found the thing that makes you feel the way being arty makes me feel yet, I hope you find it soon.